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Sky Valley Mistress:Rhythm Magazine – “…Their sound remains defiantly stripped down, fuzzy and dirtier than a ghetto dumpster.”

Filtered Magazine – “They show their generation the way that rock and roll should be done.”

Manchester Rocks – “Sky Valley Mistress are a cacophony of rock n’ roll excellence.”

The Funky Moped – “Davies is your archetypal front-woman, alluring, hypnotic and nonchalant, she can even do Alison Mosshart better than Alison Mosshart.”

God Is In The TV Zine – “Their passion for loud old school rock’n’roll is oozing from every pore. A must for any Led Zeppelin enthusiast or a QOTSA fan.”

Pop! Blerd – “the best thing you’ve never heard. is the best thing you’re likely to discover in 2013.”

Quenched Music – “Bands like Sky Valley Mistress are a rare breed and should be celebrated.”

Kat Jackman – “With Kayley ‘Hell Kitten’ Davies on the mic, she’s soulful, sultry and absolutely smouldering. Instrumentally, they’ve done the 60s legends of the genre proud as well as indulging in the full flavour of contemporary inspirations such as Band of Skulls and The Dead Weather. If you like getting down ‘n dirty, give this a go.”

The VPME – “They play a visceral mix of White Stripes style blues tinged rock and roll and lead singer Kayley “Hell Kitten” Davies has a voice of soul and power that belies her years.”

Temple Of lies:

In 2006 Jon started a three piece rock band project with Justin Dobson (Kline, Konfusion) and Gregg Hunt (Cherry Choke) called the ‘Dobson Jazz Theory’ (DJZ). DJZ only ever played one gig at The Charlotte in Leicester supporting stoner rock band ‘Joshia’. The name soon changed to Anaconda and that name remained while the original members went their separate ways musically.

Jon and ‘Stickmaster’ Barsby, both founder members of the Thrash Metal band ‘Konfusion’, started to Jam again and quickly put together new tunes using riffs and lyrics written by Jon for the previous Anaconda line up. About six months later Simo (also from Konfusion) was back on board wielding the Tool of Ignorance.

Before long TOL were auditioning a series of vocalists, both male and female but couldn’t quite find a match to Jon’s voice. This was followed by a six month stint as a three piece including the first gig.

Si Shaw’s return from London and subsequent audition saw the line-up finalised as he added the finishing touch. By this time the band name was changed to Temple of Lies (TOL) after much deliberation and Jon continued to write riffs and songs to the rapidly growing repertoire of Temple of Lies.

The philosophy behind TOLs music is that pretty much anything goes, with no boundaries. As long as it rocks with a real groove that’s all that matters. The aim has always been to produce a diverse collection of songs, all completely different and unique in their own way, with that signature TOL sound and feel. The writing is very mature and all band members play their part in this process with drive and enthusiasm.

Following the release of TOLs first and self financed album ‘Monumental’, they are busy expanding their coverage, playing support and guest slots with bands such as Kerbgrinder, Mage, Mentallica (Metallica tribute), Enraged (RATM tribute) and the list goes on…

Seven Hundredth Unicorn:

Conceived in September 2012, Seven Hundredth Unicorn first came into being from the ashes of other projects to create a compelling blend of melody and brutality through the manipulation of soundscapes that manage to contrast the aggression and intensity of metal and the atmospheric ambient soundscapes more traditionally found in prog-rock.

Citing bands such as Black Sabbath, Neurosis, Cult of Luna, Isis and Mastodon as major inspirations, Seven Hundredth Unicorn however try not to segregate themselves into small little categories or worry about genre limitations and are beholden to no one scene.

Heavy On The Ride:

Heavy on the Ride are a three piece experimental heavy rock band hailing from Swansea, Wales, UK.
With a blatant disrespect for genre tags the band moves from different concoctions of Mastodon and Melvins styled
downtuned grooves to a barrage of QOTSA influenced riffs.

Since forming in April of 2009 the band have released their debut EP titled Delaying the Inevitable and are readying to release a second EP titled “Different Animals” in September 2014.

Future plans include a DIY UK tour in September and beginning the writing phase for
a debut album.

The band has played with members of QOTSA/Eagles of Death Metal (Nick Oliveri, Joey Castillo, Dave Catching, Gene Trautmann), The Mars Volta (Ikey Owens), White Zombie (Sean Yseult) and Japanese rock band Electric Eel Shock, as well as opening up for rising acts such as Empress and Black Moth.

“They throw out riffs heavier than John Candy’s coffin” – Gaz E, Uber Rock

“A full blown, conquering sound that packs less a punch, more a knockout blow”
– TB, The MMP

An awesome night of bands, cocktails, costume competitions, music, DJs and dancing!*** At Firebug ***

New Generation Superstars 8.30pm

Mage 9.15pm

*** At Duffy’s Bar ***

Temple of Lies 10.15pm

Bad Monster 11pm

*** At Firebug ***

DJs midnight unil dawn

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