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Saturday 29th  December: Mentallica with special guests Temple of lies

@ The Musician Venue and Bar, Clyde Street, Leicester, LE1 2DE

With over 14 years of non-stop touring behind them, Mentallica have earned a reputation as Europe’s top Metallica tribute, gigging relentlessly across the British Isles and the continent. From the explosive opener ‘Ecstasy Of Gold’ through to the epic finale this band goes all out to reproduce the pure energy that was Metallica of the late 80’s and early 90’s. The growling vocals, the manic prowling power of the bass, thunderous high speed drums and screaming guitar solos. Mentallica deliver what they promise… the ultimate Metallica experience!

Temple Of Lies, a Leicester based four piece, will be familiar to Musician audiences for their blistering shows supporting the likes of Mentallica and New Generation Superstars. Fronted by the commanding presence of Si Shaw complete with Hetfield-esque vocals, their thumping sound is tied together by the crunching riffs and fretwork of guitarist Jon Scranney and powerhouse rhythm duo of Simon Mitchell (bass) and James Sereda-Barsby (drums). A band as tight as the proverbial duck’s arse!

Tickets £6 adv £9 door

Event info here



Friday 25th January: New generation superstars with special guests Temple of lies and Midnight dogs

02 Academy, University Road, Leicester, LE1 7RH

New generation superstars – 9.00pm

Rock N Roll..or Die!

New Generation Superstars first blazed onto the scene in 2005 with their no frills, no fuss rock music. Too punk for the rock crowd, and too rock for the punk crowd, NGS forged a sound that appealed to all. Speeding up the tempo and turning up the amps, it wasn’t long before NGS had attracted a local following with growing momentum that spread across the nation with both fans and music press alike.

Embracing the punk DIY ethic, NGS created their own label Underdog Records LTD on which 2 critically acclaimed albums have been released.Crash course … (2007) recorded in 4 days with Grammy nominated Alan Smyth (Pulp/ Arctic Monkeys), saw copies sold worldwide, capturing the raw, energetic sound of the band. High profile shows and tours followed, the band touring incessantly in 2007 and 2008.The aptly named “Raising the stakes” (2009), saw the band doing exactly that. With features and reviews appearing in magazines (Kerrang, Big Cheese, Classic Rock and airplays on Bruce Dickinson’s rock show), and high profile shows in the UK, New York, Finland, Germany have seen NGS build a large and loyal fan base all across the globe.Serving their time on the road, NGS have played headline shows, also being the support band of choice for acts such as Duff McKagan’s Loaded, The Wildhearts, The 69 Eyes, Supersuckers, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Hardcore Superstar and more.NGS continue to be one of the hardest working bands in rock, gaining the respect and dedication from more new fans at every show.

Band interests: All things Rock n’ Roll

Artists we also like:
Badass Rock
Genre Face Ripping Rock
Members AJ – Guitars and Vox
Davey Messiah – Guitar and Backing Vox
Rik JAimz – Bass and Backing Vox
Lexxi Kaine – Drums
Hometown: Nottingham

Record label: Underdog Records Ltd

Current Location: Nottingham



Be sure all here will be 110% Rock \m/

In 2006 Jon Scranney started a three piece rock band project with Justin Dobson (Kline, Konfusion) and Gregg Hunt (Cherry Choke) called the ‘Dobson Jazz Theory’ (DJZ). DJZ only ever played one gig at The Charlotte in Leicester supporting stoner rock band ‘Joshia’. The name soon changed to Anaconda and that name remained while the original members went their separate ways musically.

Jon and ‘Stickmaster’ James Barsby, both founder members of the Thrash Metal band ‘Konfusion’, started to Jam again and quickly put together new tunes using riffs and lyrics written by Jon for the previous Anaconda line up. About six months later Simon Mitchell (also from Konfusion) was back on board wielding the Tool of Ignorance.

Before long TOL were auditioning a series of vocalists, both male and female but couldn’t quite find a match to Jon’s voice. This was followed by a six month stint as a three piece including the first gig.

Si Shaw’s return from London and subsequent audition saw the line-up finalised as he added the finishing touch. By this time the band name was changed to Temple of Lies (TOL) after much deliberation and Jon continued to write riffs and songs to the rapidly growing repertoire of Temple of Lies.

The philosophy behind TOLs music is that pretty much anything goes, with no boundaries. As long as it rocks with a real groove that’s all that matters. The aim has always been to produce a diverse collection of songs, all completely different and unique in their own way, with that signature TOL sound and feel. The writing is very mature and all band members play their part in this process with drive and enthusiasm.

Following the release of TOLs first and self financed album ‘Monumental’, they are busy expanding their coverage, playing support and guest slots with bands such as Kerbgrinder, Mage, Mentallica (Metallica tribute), Enraged (RATM tribute) and the list goes on…

Genre Rock
Members Guitar – Jon Scranney
Bass – Simon Mitchell
Vocals – Si Shaw
Drums – James Sereda-Barsby

Current Location: Leicester

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5 guys who are here to bring British Rock n Roll To YOU….

Newly formed for 2011, the Midnight Dogs are a honky tonk loving British Rock n roll band.

Sold my soul in a bedroom of lust & dust, letters in blood, written world I could not trust, you look at me and say that you never lied, babe don’t cry, we’re too far down the line……
Band interests
These are not for public consumption….. all related rumours will not be commented on
Artists we also like
Rolling Stones, The Cult, AC/DC, Aerosmith, The Quireboys, Dog’s D’Amour, Motley Crue, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Stacie Collins

Genre: Good Old British Bar Room Rock & Roll
Members Cass Buckley – Vocals, Guitars
Dan Harper – Guitar,
Dave Morris-Drums,
Scott Cadenhead-Guitar
Steve Wonderwood- Bass

Influences: Rolling Stones, Dogs D’Amour, AC/DC, The Quireboys, Guns ‘n’ Roses,

Current Location: Midlands, UK

Doors 7pm £5 adv  just £5.

Event info here




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