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Gig List

ToL Gig List


21.01.2017 The Prince of Wales Kettering with support from Redneck Jesus and Drinsipia

03.03.2017 The Swamp Reading, with morass of Mollasses and Morag Tongue

18.03.2017 Firebug Leicester Mage ‘Green’ album launch with Gurt and Lodestone

07.04.2017 The Arches Coventry Mosh Against Cancer with Line of Fire, Mage, Cerebral Fix, Devil’s Playground

21.04.2017 Pi Bar Leicester with Kurokuma and DvNe

13.06.2017 The Blackheart, London Gurt ‘Skullosus’ album launch with Limb and Oak

16.06.2017 Pi Bar with Garanjua, Mage, The Darkhorse

01.07.2017 Firebug Leicester ‘The Serial Killer Suite’ release party with Foul Body Autopsy and Numb



04.03.2016 Firebug Leicester album launch show support from The Darkhorse, Scar City, Mage and Stonepit Drive

27.03.2016 Firebug Leicester Metal 2 the Masses Round 1 heat 5 (battle for bloodstock) heat Winners

23.04.2016 The Salutation Nottingham with Hung Daddy, Line of Fire and Master Charger

24.04.2016 Firebug Leicester Metal 2 the Masses Semi Final 2 (battle for bloodstock) heat Winners

01.05.2016 The Ruby Lounge Manchester supporting Slayer Tribute UK, Korn Again, Slipnowt

22.05.2016 Firebug Leicester Metal 2 the Masses Semi Final 2 (battle for bloodstock) heat Winners

28.05.2016 Athletic Club Rushden supporting Wearing Scars with The Heretic Order and Eradikator

04.06.2016 DeMontfort Hall Leicester Metal 2 the Masses final with Blood Oath, Final Coil, Conjurer and Garganjua

19.08.2016 Pi Bar Leicester, supporting Boss Keloid with CTBKM, Mage and Barbarian Hermit

09.09.2016 Soundhouse Leicester supporting Senser

30.09.2017 Club 85 Hitchin Attic Tour with Stormbringer,

01.10.2016 The Asylum Chelmsford Attic Tour with Stormbringer, HVM

07.10.2016 Zombie Hut Corby Attic Tour with Stormbringer

08.10.2016 Black in White Hackney Attic Tour with Stormbringer

21.10.2016 Queens Hall Nuneaton Attic Tour with Stormbringer, Scattering Ashes

22.10.2016 Club Rock Carlisle Attic Tour with Stormbringer

29.10.2016 Firebug Leicester, Halloween special with support from Stormbringer and The Mire Deep

11.11.2016 Pi Bar Leicester with Morass of Mollasses and English Guns

30.12.2016 The Arches Coventry with support from The Mire Deep


24.01.2015 Firebug Leicester supporting Stormbringer with Metal Artois and Steal this Band

31.01.2015 The Shed Leicester supporting Fallen with Loper and Dirty Rotten Souls

21.02.2015 Zombie Hut Corby supporting Groan with Mage and Beardmore

02.05.2015 The Prince of Wales Kettering supporting Stormbringer with Scar City

17.05.2015 The Shed Leicester supporting One Machine with Huron and Invictus

30.05.2015 Pi Bar Leicester with support from Outcry and Stonepit Drive

25.07.2015 DeMontfort Hall Simon Says Festival mainstage

31.07.2015 The Roadhouse Coventry with Wounded Cross

29.08.2015 The Musician Leicester with Twelve Boar (XII) and Nagasaki Birth Defect

18.09.2015 Zombie Hut Corby supporting Stormbringer with Scar City

24.10.2015 Athletic Club Rushden supporting Stormbringer with The Darkhorse, Scar City, Numb and Stereo Skull

28.11.2015 Ben Aucott Memorial Show with Mage, Garaganjua and Prophets of Saturn



May 2012 – Monumental – Digipack CD album – Self Release

March 2016 – From Sand – CD and digital – Attic Records

July 2017 – The Serial Killer Suite – Attic Records

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