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Gig at the Musician 14th July


Coming to the Musician in July! Tickets are just £7.50 and available from the Musician, Rockaboom Records, and!

The most extreme circus… in the World! Banned from countless countries, TV shows and venues! With the most insane acts, both old and new, from Doc Insane. Circus Insane features a new approach to Circus theatre with a fusion of different genres to create the only, and very explosive Rock Metal Punk Circus performance guaranteed to entertain and amaze even the toughest audiences!

“A certified loon!” – Loaded Magazine

“Mental!” – Metal Hammer Magazine

“There are no illusions! No Fake Blood! Everything you see is very real!” – Little Britain’s David Walliams


“Mage, are five men from Leicestershire who “were brought together by a shared love of ‘thee riff’.” And lucky for us they were as they smashed the place apart with their own brand of doom laden, progressive metal. A loud cheer greeted the opening chords of ‘Legacy’ where lead singer, Tom Smith’s, tonsorial antics were reminiscent of Deep Purple’s David Coverdale. The sheer grinding determination of the thrashing drums as provided by Andy Moore was a marvel to witness and Mark Challis provided the thunder for Mage’s musical storm.” – Ben Tovey, Arts In Leicestershire


Temple Of Lies, a Leicester based four piece, will be familiar to Musician audiences for their blistering shows supporting the likes of Mentallica and New Generation Superstars. Fronted by the commanding presence of Si Shaw complete with Hetfield-esque vocals, their thumping sound is tied together by the crunching riffs and fretwork of guitarist Jon Scranney and powerhouse rhythm duo of Simon Mitchell (bass) and James Sereda-Barsby (drums). A band as tight as the proverbial duck’s arse!


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