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Formed from a garage stoner rock project called Anaconda in Leicester, UK. Front Man Si Shaw joined the band and with founding guitarist Jon Scranney, the pair set their sights on developing a musical style that would entertain audiences with heavy riffing, bouncy, catchy songs with hard yet clear vocals (ie you can hear the words) somewhere between grunge and metal.

The band was named TEMPLE OF LIES and self-released their first album length recording MONUMENTAL as a demo in 2012. A change of drummer,  Alex Gamble, who joined later in 2014 adding his pounding and groovy metal style to the mix, joined later by Jags on bass in 2017  the band continue to develop their own niche sound. Now with three albums released and tons of as yet unrecorded material, the band eagerly look forward to the musical journey ahead.

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TOL have been together for five years now and it is in the last couple of years that things have really started to pick up. The band have established a strong local following and are now reaching further afield with shows up and down the UK and now regular radio play around the world. Here’s some of the highlights so far 

2015 highlights

Simon Says Festival, Leicester. DeMontfort Concert Hall, main stage.

Joined Attic Records Dec 2015

2016 highlights

Release of the second album FROM SAND (ATTIC) March 2016, for sale in HMV and available worldwide through PHD.

Metal to the Masses finalists at DeMontfort Concert Hall, Uprising Festival June 2016. main stage.

Supported Wearing Scars at Rushden Athletic Club.

Attic Records UK tour with Stormbringer Sept/Oct 2016.

2017 highlights

Release of the single DARK ENERGY as download and music video April 2017

Supported MAGE Green album launch show @ Firebug Leicester, May 2017 

Release of the single SKIN as download and music video June 2017

Release of the album THE SERIAL KILLER SUITE, released 1 July 2017 (ATTIC). Production and release of two singles with music videos with a UK tour planned for Autumn 2017.

The band played their second London show supporting GURT Skullossus album launch party at the Blackheart, Camden June 2017.

Here’s a couple of quotes relating to the 2016 release FROM SAND. Further reviews are listed on the review page

‘One of those unique and truly special underground bands that have been fortunate enough to build a name for themselves around good song writing and an unerringly genuine commitment to making music, there is not a hint of artifice about the band and, as a live force, they are nothing short of phenomenal.’              Sonic Abuse

‘…wild men of rock, Temple Of Lies are on another mission, not an impossible one either… back with yet another powerfully rocktastic beast of a record. ‘From Sand’ is the second deliverance… fit for the table of any doom, stoner and heavy rock fans. Although reliably well known for being one hell of a killing machine live, TOL are just as comfortable in the studio as their two album releases thus far, are proving… Temple Of Lies, with the tools and talent they seem to have (in) abundance, ooze that confidence that is both brutal and somehow alluring.’              Rock and Load

Temple of Lies are enjoying the now while looking forward to the future and particularly excited about gigging the songs from the new album. New music videos are planned for release in 2017. As always, the band are currently writing and album number four is on the way.

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